The Art of Living West
The Art of Living West

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Creative Purpose Session

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Is your soul and spirit ready to feel truly joyful, grounded, worthy, creative, free, inspired, and infinite?

You have all the answers inside of you. Yet we often times forget what lights us up inside. But you have been guided to the right place....A place where you are ready to get clear on creating a life of creative purpose and fulfillment! 

I am here to guide you and help you become crystal clear on your purpose and creative destiny. You, with all of your talents and gifts, are here for a very special reason, and we will work together to help you come back to your highest self and your highest purpose. You are ready to get out of your own way and say goodbye to habits and mindsets that are holding you back from your biggest and best life.


Connecting online via ZOOM or over the phone (whichever you’re more comfortable with) 

This 1 hour hour session is perfect for transforming your outlook and looking for a quick shift, clarity on purpose, or you're not quiet ready for a full package - this hour Inner Depth session is for you! 


Activate Spirit Package - Enter your Spirit Space

You are a divine being having a human experience. You are ready to come back to your highest and best self. We will get clear on how you can bypass things in your life that are holding you back from the new and exciting creative life that is waiting to be lived.

3 sessions

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Inner Shine Package - Become your biggest and brightest self


1 hour session per week including weekly check-ins and email support between sessions. We’ll go deep into what has been keeping you from you highest self from past traumas, as well as project into the future to lay the foundation for your biggest and most expansive creative life.

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Infinite YOU - Unleash your inner and everyday Artist

Reach your limits. Create healthy habits in your daily spiritual, emotional, and physical body.


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Holistic Transformation - the final tier of living out loud in every possible way. Transform. Renew.

Transform your work. Transform your life. Transform your path.


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