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Moroccan Hideaway

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Moroccan         Hideaway

In the heart of Venice lives an oasis...

of flowing turquoise water, white clay-covered balconies, and a home alive with the four elements; fire, water, air, and earth. Only a few blocks from Abbot Kinney ( the hippest street in America) is a place that I can truly only describe as "art in living form". The first time I stepped into this home, I was almost brought to tears. Here was a true taste of living as an artist, where light is your canvas, and composition is your paint brush. In this home, there are no sharp edges, for, like the owner reminded me, there are no sharp edges in nature. Every piece of art was procured from nature itself...palm leaves, stones, shark teeth, wooden bowls made from goards. 

In there heart of Venice lives an oasis....reminding me to be an oasis onto myself.


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