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The Art of Living West

karly RyanComment
The Art of                        Living West

The word west stems from the Latin word vesper, meaning "night".

It is only appropriate that the sun sets in the west, giving solace to the day- a rest to the sun seekers and the ray worshippers. It is a place of coolness, not in culture but in feeling. It is little gem of heaven that spills forth with a velvety glow, brilliant colors of purple, violet, and burnt orange exploding across the sky in a technicolor vision. 

It is fitting too, that the west coast is the coast of the night. Our country was born on the east coast, in New York and New Hampshire and New Jersey...all new and fresh starts for our country's founding generation. They are the dawn of day, and we, on our sun drenched coastline, are the night. 

This is the art of Living West. 



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