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karly Ryan1 Comment

Fall mornings in California...

My friend Mina (@minamarlena) and I decided to drive up the coast to explore the cliffs of Zuma. The moment you cross the border and leave Los Angeles for Malibu, there is a shift in energy. A lightness, a realness, a calmness seems to take over. The old and untouched magic of our coastline starts to take shape.

In honor of the changing seasons, we look velvet maxi dresses, bodysuits, (from @makersofdreamsclothing), newspaper boy hats, and vintage Levis as our wardrobe. We got lost along the way, trekked across rock-covered cliffs, and finally found our way to our little private cove. 

Sometimes you simply have to be a witness to the miracles of your life and let life surprise you in the most delicate and beautiful of ways. 


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