karly Ryan


karly Ryan

Your spirit animal is calling you...

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Sprit animals come in all shapes, sizes, and ways. They are here to guide you, protect you, and teach you throughout your journey. 

Spirit animals can shift throughout your life, sometimes coming into your life for only a short while to help you with a lesson or give you strength though a difficult time. Others are with you from birth, and never leave your side.

Animal totems can appear in dreams, in nature, or even in the form of an animal you are deeply afraid of. They are all here to teach us a lesson. I used to have a fear of crows, thinking that they brought bad luck and bad omens. I would see them everywhere. But once I stared learning about animal totems, I learned that crows represent language, communication, and speaking your truth. Crows have one of the largest vocabulary of any bird species, and whenever I see one now, I am reminded to speak my truth, and ask the Crow spirit to help me find clarity on situations where I may not be speaking up for myself. Now they only show up when I am needing an extra push in speaking my authentic truth. 

If you see an animal spirit in nature, the best way to connect is to thank them for being there, honor their presence, and ask them how they can guide you. 

Keep an eye out for all kinds of spirit animals: spiders, butterflies, hummingbirds, squirrels, dear, cats, and even flies.