karly Ryan


karly Ryan

There Is great solace in the act of being…


Not doing. Not making. But simply being. I find that often when I travel I have a big to-do list, and it felt right in my bones to go somewhere and simply be. It’s hard sometimes to simply be when you’re at home…something always seems to creep up in the back of your mind of which you “must do”. The refreshing feeling of simply being while being away along the beautiful coastline of Laguna Beach felt like a breath of fresh air. After a short drive up from Los Angeles, we arrived at the sweetest Inn at Laguna beach, and already felt like we were home. After checking in, we watched the sky turn the most delicate shades of cotton candy pink, lemonchello yellow, and saffron blue as we enjoyed wine hour on the roof top terrace (we opted for Mexican mules with fresh mint - so delicious if you haven’t tried it before!)


While my home back in Venice Beach was cloudy, our sunrise at the Inn was nothing short of breathtaking. I woke with the sun and took a walk along the coastal beach line, seeing nothing but a few morning birds and the most beautiful and soft sunrise I’ve seen in months.

I came back from my sunrise walk and meditation to a gorgeous breakfast spread on our balcony. Fresh hot coffee, fresh fruit, gluten free pastries and my favorite fresh squeezed grapefruit juice were all enjoyed while checking on the surf and listening to the world wake up.

The Inn at Laguna Beach feels like your miles away from Los Angeles, and combines the blissful feeling of familiarity and the magic of something untouched and new.