karly Ryan


karly Ryan

Citrine is known as the sunshine stone...wrapped in buttercup yellow with swirls of radiating crystalized rainbows when the sun hits it just right. It is a stone of the Solar Plexus, the space of inner personal power and is the source of self confidence and conviction....

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That is how the ocean makes me feel. Full of sunshine and self power. Feeling infinite and endless in love and creativity. It opens up the well of divine flow and showers my skin with it's dewy goodness. 

I spent the afternoon exploring the serene energies of Malibu with my beautiful friend AubreWe took our time, stopping to explore vintage cars ( my favorite ) along PCH, enjoying smoothies and raw donuts at SunLife Organics, and taking in the simple beauty and awe of the coastline. 

Even though most people were adorned in cute red and pink clothing for Valentine's Day, I was called to the yellow hues of this Brixton Cap and Snake Bodysuit by Boohoo. My Solar Plexus has always been a place of tension and of deep healing and attention, so my eye and heart are often pulled towards yellow. In a study with Color Therapy, it was found that people who wore yellow glasses experienced open mindedness and attention to detail, as well as generating a positive and optimistic outlook. Let colors speak to you, pulling you towards their healing and powerful energies. 

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