karly Ryan


karly Ryan

No Chella? No problem.

The original Armageddon of social media is finally upon us...Coachella.

The world famous music festival attracts humans from all over the globe to dance under the desert sun, sweating out all the bad vibes, glitter, and extra-circular substances of joy. Coachella can also be a vortex for some rather low vibrations...large amounts of drugs, drinking, lack of sleep, hydration, and the dreaded comparison game that we play whenever VIP is mentioned (because we are all very important right?). Coachella can also be very expensive, from the tickets (blessed are the golden days when you could buy a one day pass), accommodations (which almost double during festival weekends), outfits (you know nothing in your current wardrobe would do), and transportation. People have been know to spend between $1300 and $2,595 on just one weekend! Imagine the trips you could plan with that money...Greece, Morocco, Paris, Bali, Brazil....the list is endless. 

So, if you're like me and celebrating #NOCHELLA for the next two weekends, have no fear, your well-hydrated, well-rested, and well-financed self has plenty of things to do while your friends nurse their week long hangovers. 

Book a Spa Day + Massage

Is there anything better than a massage? Think essentials oils, steamy saunas, and the invigorating energy of a healer bringing your body back to life. My favorite spots around LA are perfect for both the novice and the expert spa-goer.

The NOW Massage

Simple, beautiful, and as chic as it gets, the NOW is the budding photographers dream. With a dreamy cream and rustic aesthetic, you feel like you've stepped into a nurturing teepee of health and wellness. Stop by for a 5, 50, or 80 minute massage in both their Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Studio City, and Silver Lake.  

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Raven Spa

Rave Spa has a special place in my heart. When you walk in, you are greeted the the scent, feel, and look of a genuine Thailand spa...flowing water, cooling tones, decorative couches, and the essence healing. Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient system of healing dating back 2,500 years, with its roots in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and meditation. Raven Spa specializes in deep Swedish massages, Radiant Facials, and Thai massages. This is a true "self-love" destination. And to top it all off, they serve you hot ginger tea and dates when you finish you euphoric massage. It is the ultimate self-date spot. 


Hike it Out 

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Beach babes

The desert has her many charms, but the coast will always have my heart.  


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Malibu Beach

Point Dume and El Matador make you feel like you're on the coast of an exotic European country. Bring picnic snacks to make day of it, and then hit Malibu Farms for sunset drinks and bites.

Laguna Beach

The gem of Laguna is the Laguna Beach Rock pools. Hike through purple water waves to reach naturally occurring rock pools that feel like you're on another planet. 

Venice Beach

 My favorite spots are just left of the Venice Pier....you miss the craziness of the Venice boardwalk and feel like your in a quaint little beach in Italy.  

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Picnic Time

Picnics are underrated. You're outside, eating on the ground, surrounded with food...what more do you need? 

Pick a park, a grassy knoll, a patch of beach, or even a museum like the Getty for your location. Stop at your nearest farmers market and grab a cheese board, fresh flowers, fruit, crackers, and maybe a little rose for a relaxing little afternoon. Don't forget your portable speakers for demonstrating major DJ skills.


To all my babes going to Coachella, may you have the most wonderful and free time. To all my babes staying on the mother ship, may you use this time to cultivate your dreams and manifest your deepest destiny. 

love you all