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On Our Moon

karly Ryan
On Our Moon

A night of manifesting with the new moon... 


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Last week, I was honored to share space with a group of incredible women at a new moon circle with On Our Moon. We were housed in the evening glow at the upper space at Saje Wellness on Abbot Kinney. The bright white room with its tall ceilings, open windows, and soothing scent, set the scene for a truly special evening.

Our senses were awoken with palo Santo, candles, crystals, and the ancient circle of sisterhood. Each woman was given her own pillow + blanket, making this circle feel like it was being held in a dear friend's home. Our circle was intimate, just 12 women, each entering the space as an individual entity, and slowly emerging with the energy and safety of the circle...so that each women left as a piece of the whole. And that, after all, is the purpose and meaning of monthly moon circles. For generations, women from all over the world would meet in forests, valleys, fields, and worship the moon, Mother Earth, and the changing lunar seasons. They honored their bodies, their magic, and held space for the women in their tribe or community. There was a moment during this circle where it hit me that I was among the white witches of my community, coming together to create magic of love, purpose, understanding, and light.

We were each given a work book, with prompts and questions, to look at and see where in our lives we were being drained...we as women are natural nurturers, givers, so that we often times have not been taught how to set boundaries and to ask for time, energy, and presence in return. We shared our stories, listening and feeling the emotions of our fellow moon sisters. We each shared authentically, from a place of pain or fear or joy or unknown. But it was real. When was the last time you said something that was so raw and true that you felt it in your bones? That is how we are meant to share, and getting back to those roots feels like waking up in a well of cool, crisp spring water. 

Each sharing section was preceded by a meditation, going deeper into our bodies and allowing our rational mind to take a back seat. The evening was blissfully concluded with a "wood board love" board of chocolate, raspberries, oranges, and more dark chocolate. Our divine leader Alex shared that as women we often don't take as much as we want....not enough food, time, space, as we are too concerned about giving it to someone else. She urged us to take as much chocolate and fruit as we desired, and I did feel myself instinctually only go to take a few pieces, not wanting to seem greedy. But I allowed myself to go back for more, to take my fill, to nurture and nourish my body. For if we do not, who will?

I left the circle feeling lighter, whole, connected, grounded, and a sense of peace and hope. Being around beings who are on the journey of the soul makes our journeys feel all the more worth while and even joyful. 

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Interested in learning more about moon circles and On Our Moon? Check out their amazing instagram and website for upcoming workshops and circles. Next LA workshop will be in June! (details to follow)


sending love and light your way...