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karly RyanComment

La Jolla means the jewel...

And what a jewel it is. This weekend, I headed south to San Diego to celebrate Father's day and my mom's birthday (which happen to fall on the same day). It's funny how as we become adults, which for me means, when you have reached a point of consciousness and maturity where you are responsible for all aspects of your life; spiritually, emotionally, economically, and physically, I suddenly love spending time with my family. We've even started Sunday night family dinners, where we talk, cook, and just enjoy reveling in the safety of comfort and the familiar. It's the perfect way to start off the week before we fly off into the unknown abyss of the world.


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Our San Diego adventure took us to the stunning hotel and spa Estancia, a gorgeous Spanish style hideaway situated on ten lush acres on the cliffs of La Jolla Cove. It captured the history, beauty, and tranquility of the San Diego coastline. We spent our nights by the pool, roasting marshmallows for s'mores, the days exploring the beaches, and enjoying the amazing restaurants (brunch buffets are my happy place and the Adobe restaurant had everything from dragon fruit, kale smoothies, greek yogurt, whole grain waffles, and every kind of breakfast goodness you could ask for). We pretty much napped and ate our way through San Diego - a reboot for our mind, body, and soul.  




It was such a treat for my soul to spend time with my family in such a special and light hearted way. It was an amazing lesson in observing myself as my own self-identified person, instead of how I was defined or how I thought my role and identity were defined in my family dynamic. It was honestly incredibly liberating and made me feel closer as I learned to let go and accept myself and my parents for both our differences and similarities. I am so thankful for their playful love and to get to know them as adults.


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How has your relationship with your family shifted? What does this show about how you have grown as a person?