karly Ryan


karly Ryan

Along the Malibu coastline, you shall find the ethereal spirits of the Wild Embodiment Women...

Meet Jamie and Krystal, the goddesses behind the sisterhood created to empower, guide, and inspire the modern woman. They curate soul-centric offerings, from monthly workshops, retreats around the world, feminine rewilding, bookclubs, and community support, these women embody true intuitive spirits. I was honored to shoot with Jamie and Krystal while they were in Los Angeles, and got to know their kind and light souls. I am so honored to share more with our community!



If you had to describe the Divine Feminine in three words, what would they be?




How do you each embody the Divine Feminine in different ways?

 {Krystal} I feel her most deeply in moments of solitude with myself. In yoga, meditation and sitting with my journal. I breathe into my energy body—feeling the strength within my soul and my cosmic connection to all. My Divine Feminine comes out to play when I’m surrounded by other like-minded souls, crystals, tarot cards, the ocean, gardens, trees, and when I’m immersed in any creative project! I also love embracing the Divine Feminine through the expression of fashion (dress-up!), theatre and dance.

{Jamie} For me, the Divine Feminine expresses herself through simplicity. I embody her by swimming in the salty seas. 
Being naked in nature. 
Breathing deeply from root chakra to crown. 
Singing out loud (even when it’s scary). 
Surrounding myself with energetically-aligned souls. 

And one of my favorite places to express my Divine Feminine is within a conscious and safe container of the Sacred Masculine. 




What was the inspiration behind Wild Embodied Women and naming your company?

{Jamie’s Story} One New Moon, just over a year ago, Krystal and I sat in circle with a group of beautifully expressive women. We sang, we danced, we shared, we cried, we laughed. 

In a moment of journaling and reflection, I wrote from what felt like the depths of my spirit – a place I connect to so easily when surrounded by Divine Feminine energy. 
It was true soul speak. 
My writing, messy. But my thoughts, clear. 
I covered the page with dreams and desires and when I felt complete, I looked over what had been channeled through me. The words “wild” and “embodied” and “women” stood out like Full Moon on a clear night. 

I then noticed that together, “wild embodied” created WE. 

WE as in the bond Krystal and I share. 
WE as in the community of sisterhood I felt so drawn to.
WE as in the coming together of women on a global level.  

I remember sharing this with her the moment we left for home and from that moment, we knew and Wild Embodied Women came into being. 



Travel is such a special way to grow and to connect to our planet. Where is up next for your travel diary?


We couldn’t agree more! The more we travel, the more connected we feel.
Our next destination is Santa Barbara where we’ll be immersing ourselves in the Californian wilderness with a group of wild women. We’re holding a three-day weekend retreat where women will gather to connect to the land, their sisters and the wild wolf woman within. 




What are your must have modern goddess" essentials? (I.e. palo Santo, crystals, smudge stick etc.)

Spirit Decks – pulling a card or using a spirit deck spread to gain insight and hone in on our intuition is a powerful practice we use that allow us more freedom, clarity and confidence in our everyday lives. 


Crystals – of course! Crystals are incredibly healing and can provide many different energetic benefits. If you are looking to call in more crystal abundance in your life, we suggest simply walking in to a crystal shop and letting your soul guide you. Often, we’ll be attracted to a crystal we need most at that time. Pick it up, feel the weight of it in your palms. When you feel a connection to a particular crystal, look deeper into its healing abilities and energetic properties to see how it resonates with you. 

Coffee enema bucket – ok, this one might seem out of the ordinary but the both of us swear by the detoxifying power of coffee enemas. Not only do coffee enemas help elevate our moods but also provides us with mental clarity, glowing skin and lasting energy.

Our voice – not a tangible “thing” but an absolute essential in our books. With an open throat chakra, we’re better able to communicate our emotions, desires and ask for what we want and need. 



What are a few of your favorite books that you recommend?


Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer
Radical Acceptance – Tara Brach

Ensouling Language – Stephen Harrod Buhner




What’s on your current reading list? 

The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida
Beautiful Money – Leanne Jacobs


Mantra of the moment?

“I trust that what I need, want and desire is on its way to me.”