karly Ryan


karly Ryan

Prana, known as the life giving breath, is the backbone and true essence of yoga, and the foundation on which our lives are built...





When I was younger, I didn't know how to breathe. I would constantly find myself holding my breath when things were scary, surprising, hard, or even joyful. It was a learned response from my mother, who learned it from her mother, and undoubtedly through generations of family members who were afraid of their breath. 




Breathing is such a deeply subconscious experience. Even now, as you're reading this sentence, you may only now be aware of the cadence of your breath. My breathing became both a tool a crutch for my life. I played soccer competitively pretty much since I could run, starting to travel for club teams at the age of ten, and what was once a source of joy, become work. I had always played entire games, even during tournaments with 3 games a day. It was all I knew, so when I started to get tired, as anyone would after playing full games in ninety degree weather, I used my breath to escape. Instead of asking my coach for a break, I constricted my breathing until I would have an asthma attack. In my little mind, I thought going off the field for any reason other than the possibility of death by suffocation was a failure. I used breathing as a tool to escape, instead of following my breath and listening to what my body really needed.

Doctor appointments lead to a diagnosis of "seasonal asthma", which I knew even then was a conscious decision. It was not until I found my breath through meditation and yoga that I understood its incredible power.

I had a very powerful session with Gwen Coach, who used the power of breath to shift barriers, instigate my inner voice, and call in my guides. During my session, I was visited by a beautiful energy, a grandmother figure that radiated a violet energy. After my session, where I entered into a deep meditative state, Gwen shared that the intense energy of my solar plexus was shouting out to be heard and to write...which I know to be my greatest calling. 


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Gwen shred with me the magic of the breath, and the way in which you can shift out of your normal everyday way of thinking and creating a new way of vibrating. Click here for more on her workshops and sessions.


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