karly Ryan


karly Ryan

They say that home is a feeling rather than a place…

The word that embodies Brazil for me is freedom…freedom of expression, of being affectionate, of having new ideas, and of enjoying life. Growing up in the states, we are indeed the land of the free, but often times live an entirely restricted way of life. Each year, Brazil as a whole takes most of the month of February off to celebrate Carnival, a country wide festival celebrated with dance, costumes, beach parties, and the enjoyment of their culture. Americans on average receive two weeks vacation the entire year. They understand what it means to live, and to live with love, integrity, joy, and freedom.

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Where to travel:

Ubatuba: A beautiful and still untouched island with cobblestone streets, an old world charm, incredible sea food, secret beaches, the best acai and the kindest locals.

Paraty: One of the oldest towns in Brazil, Paraty is recognized as a National Historic Site since 1966. Set against a lush rainforest and the stunning port, you feel as if you’re in a quaint European town. Artists, romantics, and historians alike find this little hideaway to be a true gem of Brazil.

Sao Paulo: Although considered the finance capital of Brazil, Sao Paulo is the hub for hug shifts in gastronomy, spirituality, and art. From the artistic district of Pinheiros to the iconic historical Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo is one of my favorite cities to visit.

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Coffee shops:

FUTURO: As a freelancer, finding the best coffee shops to work at while abroad is so important. FUTURO is set in an old parking garage and has an effortlessly cool feel. With artisan coffees, wine, and the best avocado toast I’ve ever had, I made it a point to work here a few times a week.

Coffee lab: This is one of my first stops when I’m in Sao Paulo. They take coffee seriously, yet their menu is fresh and innovative with date infused iced coffees, churro dipped coffee, and your classic Brazilian roasts. You’ll always find interesting and inspiring people working here.

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Pine & Co: Ice cream takes a whole new level in Brazil. Pine & Co. is an adorable ice cream shop started by Portuguese and American founders that rival Salt & Straw with innovative flavors and had the yummiest non-dairy options for us lactose challenged folks ( what’s up sorbet!)

Where to eat & drink:

LAR MAR: HOME | SEA. Imagine the Bungalow + Bali + Australia all had a baby and birthed the coolest bar ever. With an outside sand pit to sit and enjoy drinks, patio seating, and the freshest menu, this is the new favorite of Paulistas. Brazilians know how to have a good time. All about the surf culture, LAR MAR is a must watch on the SP gastronomy scene.

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Pecorino: If you’re craving Paella, this is the place to go. You feel like you’re in the Mediterranean and they serve a sumptuous Aperol spritz.

Mercearia Sao Pedro: This is the truest representation of Brazilian eating. Simple, true, authentic Brazilian food, local beers, and classic caipirinhas. This is a truly democratic place where you can connect with artists, writers, professors, politicians, and everyone in between.

After hours:

Kingston Club: Jamaican inspired, you walk into a instantly cool dance floor and live music. Head upstairs for pool, Foosball, and plant-covered outdoor patio. The best drinks and coolest vibes makes this a go-to for dancing and live music.

Bar Botanico: Signature cocktails infused with botanical tonics, this newest bar boasts adorable decor, delicious drinks, and flat breads to soak up all the floral cocktails.

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May you travel with love and light,