The Art of Living West
The Art of Living West

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I have called the realms of photography + social media home for the past 6 years. I specialize in social + lifestyle photography, social media management, blog copy, and influencer collaborations, working with companies to grow their social presence, establish a clear brand identity, and create an inspiring and unique social aesthetic. 




Photography options:

social media content 

website photography 


campaign shoot 


Social Media Management:

- facebook, instagram, pinterest, blog

- content creation,  online community management

- daily posting + online community management

- copy writing for social + brand blog 


Social Media Consultant:

- brand DNA

- brand messaging

- pillars of the company

- core customer + dream customer demographics, - aesthetic

- social scheduling best practices

- top brand stories/talking points 


Our time together will be spent diving deep into your brand. From this I will be able to determine current strengths + weaknesses, and strategize with current best practices in the social, health + wellness, fashion, lifestyle and marketing landscapes, to conclude with a clear, elevated, and inspirational brand story + DNA. 


See more of my work from my portfolio here.


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100% all-organic magic. Creating moments with pictures that capture the intuitive goddess and divine flow of the creative force.