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karly Ryan4 Comments

A goddess is unique. She embraces her own rare and special sense of creativity, vision, and beauty. She honors her divine uniqueness and the uniqueness in others.

I often time get questions and request about how I edit my images and presets, and I have felt a disconnect from sharing....and here's why. 

The world craves each of our own creative visions. This post is about empowering creatives to listen to our creative intuition (after all, we are ALL artists!) Learn new tools, new ways of creating, but always trying to create from your uniqueness, instead of a sameness. 

Think of Picasso....image sending a letter to the great impressionist painter and asking, how do you create your art? He could send you everything he uses...the paint, the brushes, the canvases...and yet, you could never create what he is painting. For you have your own experiences; heart-wrenching sadness, blinding joy, and rain soaked car rides to fuel your own way of creating. As it should be! You are born with your own unique talents and ways of seeing the world, and by trying to exactly emulate the creativity of someone else, it robs the world of your own unique creative voice and vision. 

I encourage everyone to create with your creative intuition and try something new. Create something that has never been seen before. After all, the world is waiting to see your divinely unique and authentic self. Embrace it. Below are some tools for how to find your unique point of view and editing tips I've discovered along the way.

The Tools:

Snapseed. VSCO, Afterlight

Snapseed. VSCO, Afterlight


I love this app for the "Grainy Film" filter. It adds a little bit of grit and texture to images to give a more of a film camera vibe. This app has really great features that allows you to play with the entire image, much like photoshop.


XO3 for a deeper saturated and cool temperature look.



LO3 for a very warm and electric feel.



X04 for a softer and more muted vibe. 



A plethora of editing tools and filters. Dynamic for creating imagery that is new and different. 
Cascade is warm and buttery with a slight orange tint. Very soft and velvety.


Rainer has high contrast with a purple/red undertone, for a more dramatic effect.



Glen has a deep saturation with a darker feel. Undertones of olive and great for enhancing plain backgrounds.



VSCO is great for beginners with all-inclusive presets and lots of options for filter packages. 


A10 has a high saturation and minimal contrast.


M5 is sweet and super muted. Buttery with lots of orange undertones but with cooler hues. 


P5 is very cool with lots of blue and purples. Gives a more dramatic and edgy feel to images. 


Now that your digital tool box is full, go out and create from your deep authentic voice. Rely on your unique vision, for that is what the world needs.

Leave a comment below and share how you create from your deep authentic voice.